Raspberry Run Farm is a 63 acre farm located in the hills of Adams County, Ohio. Even though its quite hilly here, it is also very beautiful with lots of cedar, nut, maple, and oak trees.  Perfect for dairy goats who love the different terrain and flora of this farm.

We raise a small herd of registered Nubian diary goats. I keep a small herd of about 13 does and 2 bucks. This gives me more time to spend with them as well as making cheese and other goodies from their milk. Of course that's when the babies are raised. The milk is very delicious and healthy to drink !!!

We also have about 32 chickens, some heritage and regular breeds for our eggs and sell the extra.  We also have 2 faithful Great Pyrenees dogs who make it all possible for us to keep our animals safe. We have unfortunately lost all our old original Pyrenese and our last sheep to old age. We decided not to keep sheep anymore due to my back.The 2 new Pyrenees we have now are named Nissa & Panzer, they are wonderful dogs. We miss our original guardians so much. We were honored to have such beautiful spirits for the time they were with us: Helga 13.5 yrs, Sherman 12.6 yrs. Neva 9.8 yrs. Sara 11.9 yrs and Dugan 10.11 yrs. We now have added 2 Karakachan /Pyrenese crosses...Yana and Tollie last year. We love this cross they are wonderful dogs.We also have rescue cats who patrol the barns as well as the house.

Homemade castile goat milk soap with herbs and essential oils is also made on our farm. I started making the soap about 23 years ago after I started getting the first milk from our Nubian goats. This is a cold batch recipe. I make 9 lb. small batches. Its a really nice soap.